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Diabetic foot cream

Diabetic foot cream: Skin is the largest organ which protects body against environmental damage factors like ultraviolet rays of the sun and  bacteria’s, so protecting it is essential for disease prevention. Diabetics need to care of their skin more than the others.Diabetic are prone to dry skin, particularly when blood glucose level runs high. This […]


Parpin Ala cream:

Parpin Ala cream

Skin is the largest organ which protects the body. Most of the time, people because of nutrient deficiency (like Beta-Carotene, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E). Face with skin direness and early aging. In order to have a fresh and healthy skin, and protecting it a suitable cream is recommended, and Parpin Ala […]



Herbal capsule

Portulaca or purslane is growing in Iran, Asustralia , India , North Africa, and America. It has rounded leaves, fleshy purplish color stem with yellow flowers at the end. This herb which usually grows in wet areas, is nomed (global panacea) by world heath organization. This organization mentioned this plant as the most used common […]



Parpin Ala remedies skin repair ...

Skin is the largest organ which protects body against environmental damage factors like ultraviolet rays of the sun and bacteria. Skin specialists recommend using a cooling and anti-inflammatory cream after any beauty treatment like exfoliation, rejuvenation, hair removal, and solarium which damage to the skin and cause inflammation Burn and swelling. Using a suitable cream […]




Parpinala organic cream

Organic means natural not chemical,and organic products are products that 80%of the  ingredients of them must come from oranically produced plants. Purslane is one of this herbs with special effect on skin.purslane because of being rich in anti-oxidants ,vitamins like E and C,Omega 3,Linolenic acid is the best candidate for being used in organic cosmetics […]

Anti- redness cream:

Anti- redness cream

Cosmetics help women look beautiful, but these products are often full of harmful substances, that terribly harsh the skin, and cause allergy and redness. Skin is the organ of protection, and acts as a barrier. This barrier protects the skin from releasing nutrients, and entering harmful substances. Chemicals, air pollution, cosmetics, climate change, and free […]

diabet parpin

Purslane and Diabetes

Purslane and Diabetes: Diabetes is a chronic disease of thousands of people in developed and developing countries. It is estimated that the number of diabetics will reach 360 million in the world by 2030. 0.7% of adults in Iran have diabetes. Concerning high cost of health care, it is essential to find an effective strategy […]